About Us

Remember the last time you were given an impactful recommendation from a friend or someone you trust? It was useful, valuable, and maybe even life changing. Curators.com is here to bring more of those moments into people’s lives. Our service connects you to Curators directly, and the magic takes off from there.

With all kinds of creation on the rise, the most effective way of finding the best art, music, movies, and information is through a trusted source. While algorithms have scaled discovery, machine processed recommendations are not enough and lack context.

Human curators have always been the best at recommending what to listen to, watch, read, and buy. In today’s world, we need more than a generic recommendation. We need the story behind it. So we built Curators.com to make the curators of the world more accessible to help with your curation needs no matter how big or small. People share the ‘what’ and ‘why’, the unique reasons and context behind their curation.

Before Curators.com, you’d have to rely on algorithms to find out what to consume, and we all know how frustrating it is trying to find something to watch on Netflix or missing out on a new artist. Worse, we waste our time and money with bad recommendations. With Curators.com, you can build personal relationships with individual curators who get to know you and deliver on your individual or enterprise curation needs.